Frank Remington, K7GSE (right), and Steve Nipper, N7DJX, discussing the meaning of life!  Steve had the TRAM antenna's booth and drove down from Nampa.  Frank drove all the way from Everett, WA. just to be a part of the extravaganza.  Frank gets the award for driving the farthest to get here.

Now THAT is a COOL banner!

I think the turnout for our first swap meet in decades was GREAT.  We've had some good comments!

There were lots of good deals to be had.  Most of those attending ended up swapping their pile of stuff for someone elses.  Isn't that what a swap meet is for?

Larry Moore, W7NJU (seated) telling Lee Schwendt, AD7SH, how it used to be back in the
good ol' days of ham radio.  Funny thing is, Lee remembers those days too!

Mike Strolberg, WB7NNQ, (blue jacket) trying to get something for nothing.  Word is, he succeeded!
I think that is Bill Barrus, W7PKL, from Boise in the hat looking
warily at Bob Jacoby, KE7PDT, who was trying to sell his telescope so
he could purchase some of the other "valuable" stuff offered for sale.

Larry Hull, WB7NKP (seated), keeps a watchful eye on the very valuable "vintage" equipment
being offered for sale/trade/giveaway at the swap meet.  If someone walked by and didn't buy/take
something, he would stuff something from the table into their pocket.  (Beats taking it back home again)