Camp Murtaugh

Murtaugh, Idaho


Pictures by Kelly Klaas K7SU



We had many more folks show up during the course of the weekend but this was the crew just as things were about to kick off Saturday around noon. 

Back row: Brack McMurtrey KI7LVZ, Alex Payne KF7LDR, Kelly Goodman KF7UFJ, Larry Laub K7LTL, Tim Gascho KI7CFN, Doc Humphrey AC7M, Steve Hagerty K7WKR, Terry Nelson AD7P, Terry Fletcher K7THF
Middle row: Ryan (grandson of K7LTL), Rosey Goodman KF7UFI
Front row kneeling: Bill Carver W7AAZ, "Bil" Johnson K8MPW, Jeremy Brown KA7BIF.

Kelly Klaas K7SU taking the picture.

Tim Gascho KI7CFN (left) and Ben Hamlett N7BEN tearing up 20 meter SSB.  Both are fairly new operators on HF and they got some quality time on the band.


The scenery at the FD site was spectacular.  This was just to the east and north of where we were set up.  Mt. Harrison is in the background.

Looking at the complete site here.  Our stations were set up under the patio.  If y ou look carefully you can see the tables.  Just to the right of the tower trailer is the pole for the 80 meter inverted vee and to the right of that, in the background, is the elevated 40 meter vertical.
  Another one of the views of Murtaugh Lake looking to the east of our site.  We finally discovered the source of the southern Idaho wind.  Someone turned on those big fans you see in the background!  That white spec in the middle of the picture is a pelican. 

Larry Laub K7LTL brought his grandson Ryan.  Ryan worked the 20 meter mic a good part of the day Saturday making contacts for lots of points.  He also caught the "ham" bug.  Hopefully, he will be getting his ticket soon!

  Bill Carver W7AAZ racked up a lot of points on CW using his K3 and his 40 meter elevated vertical antenna.

How is THIS for a go-bag?  Eli  KC2ELI built this from scratch.  He dropped by Field Day to show us his accomplishment and to get some questions answered.  This bag is equipped with 2/440 and is capable of crossband repeat.  He also has it equipped with an
FT-857 for HF capabilities and it has 33 amp hours of of on board battery power, not to mention several other bells and whistles.  Eli also brought by his two young daughters who are interested in ham radio.  They also got some mic time while visiting.

  Looking east toward the Burley/Rupert area where these large windmills are numerous.  (We still think they are fans to make the wind blow!)

This was our antenna support for an 80 meter inverted vee.  The apex of the antenna was at about 34 feet with the mount on an old boat trailer.  The ends were tied off to some trees.  It worked brilliantly.

  Rosey Goodman KF7UFI and Ryan (grandson of K7LTL) racking up points on 20 meter SSB.

Bill Carver W7AAZ continues to count up points on 40 meter CW but now he has Doc Humphrey AC7M doing the electronic logging.


We had several fox hunts over the weekend.  Here the guys are getting ready for the first one.  KF7LDR Alex Payne (left), "Bil" - too poor to afford 2 "L's" Johnson K8MPW (showing his best side!), Jeremy Brown KA7BIF getting his antenna ready to go and Brack McMurtrey KI7LVZ in the background.  The winner of the hunt got bragging rights.


With the K7MVA tower trailer in the foreground, this was our view of Murtaugh Lake from the operating positions.


The K7MVA tower trailer worked flawlessly for us once again for 10, 15 and 20 meters.  Even the incessant winds didn't phase it.


The elevated 40 meter vertical, built by Bill Carver W7AAZ, worked wonderfully for all the 40 meter contacts...all CW.  We worked nearly all 50 states using only 100 watts.  Nearly every contact returned our call on the first try.  This band-buster is hard to beat!


Alex Payne KF7LDR is the networking expert for the club.  This network, with its own server and INTERNET worked flawlessly for the entire period collecting the logging data from all three workstations.  This makes it so much easier, not to mention accurate, to tally up the points at the end but also to keep track of states, provinces and regions worked during the contest.

Alex also worked tirelessly hauling communication supplies and helping with the set up and tear down.  I think he even got to operate and make some contacts.  Thanks Alex!


Thanks to all those who attended.  For those who missed missed a great time!  Maybe next year. 


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club's 2018 Field Day activities.