2015 Swap Meet

He looked lonely but with his cup of coffee he was plenty happy.  Terry Fletcher - K7THF was the first person who greeted those attending the swap meet.  He gave them directions on where to park and set up.

The Magic Valley Swap Meet 2015 was a concerted effort on the part of many.  These photos show the testing session that was held in conjunction with the swap meet.  The testing is normally held at the Loong Hing Restaurant in Twin Falls but the venue was changed for September 2015 ONLY so we could hold the testing in conjunction with the meet.  Our thanks to the VE crew who held the session for the two successful candidates for the Technician license.   Kelly Goodman - KF7UFJ, Rosey Goodman - KF7UFI, Dean Etherington KI8CC, Steve Hagerty K7WKR, Kelly Klaas - K7SU. 



Over the year the MVARC has accumulated equipment and items from various estates and this swap meet gave us an opportunity to distribute the items to the ham community, thus, making room the MORE stuff and making the club a little money. 

There were vendors from as far away as Boise and Shelley.  Almost everyone in attendance found something they could not live without...or at least have it for sale at the next swap meet!

Kelly Goodman - KF7UFJ (left) helped with the VE testing and Bob Castaneda - KC7QR (bicycle patrol) was in charge of organizing the event and handling the parking.  Everything went very smoothly.

A couple of visitors who are regulars to Magic Valley area swap meets...George Babits - W7HDL and his
XYL Rilla - KA7NCQ.  George was not only a buyer but also a vendor.

There were several nice HF rigs for sale at the evening as well as antennas and test equipment.

Some of the vendors were there to turn some unused equipment into cash and some were there to liquidate for traveling money. 

This group had a couple of old Zenith TransOceanic portable radios for sale along with a nice Spectrum Analyzer!

George - W7HDL is from the Salmon area.  He and Steve - K7WKR, are visiting about the benefits of the older tube gear as opposed to the new solid-state equipment.  George is an avid boat anchor collector and restorer.

What would any event be without  FOOD!  Oscar Carranza - KC6GWG (right) and his XYL Kim - KD6GLL are the owners of the KOA Kampground where the event was held.  Kim makes some of the BEST and BIGGEST breakfast burrito's you've ever sunk your teeth into.  Food and drinks were served from their food service trailer...and it was GOOD!  Dean - KI7CC has a hot cup of coffee but if you look closely you can see he is trying to hide that big burrito in his left hand!

The items for sale by MVARC were fairly cleared out by the end of the event. 

Is sit true that tailgates on pickups were invented specifically for events such as these?

Dave, WA7SDO, had some nice HF rigs for sale and other items as well.

Joe - KI7XV is clearing out items to move back to Texas to be with family.

Some folks from Shelley had lots of interesting stuff for sale.

The spaces at the KOA Kampground were nicely arranged to give everyone lots of room to spread out.  The trees provided plenty of shade for when the day warmed up.

Mike Dahmer - K7MDI was handling the 2-meter communications for incoming visitors.

If there is a better place to have a Swap Meet I don't know where that would be.  The weather was typical beautiful fall weather for the Magic Valley...cool in the morning then warming up later in the day.

Visitors from Boise came to see what we had to offer.  Not sure if they had enough room to carry back their haul or not.

Kevan Vogt - KD7IYA from Rupert had some estate items for sale.  You could find just about anything you wanted at this swap meet.

George - W7HDL from Salmon had lots of parts for builders!  He specializes in old tube radios...the ones that glow in the dark and keep the shack warm on those cold winter nights.

Even visitor parking was in the shade!

Some of the attendees even brought their own housing and spent the night at KOA.

Our gratitude to the staff and ownership of the KOA Kampground

just a little north of Twin Falls, ID. on Hiway 93. - Oscar, KC6GWG and Kim, KD6GLL