2015 Winter Party


Dean Etherington, KI7CC (left) and Dunk Layton, KD7JKB (not pictured) are presented with this year's HOTY (Ham Of The Year) award by MVARC President Jim Kennedy, W7OUU.  Dean and Dunk have worked tirelessly over the years to keep the club repeaters operating efficiently and legally.

MVARC President Jim Kennedy, W7OUU, showing off the HOTY award which is about to be presented.

(Standing) Alex Payne, KF7LDR, MVARC Sec/Tres. and his cousin Jacob selling raffle tickets.


Heidi taking orders for the eatings.  The food has always been great and the service excellent at the Happy Landing Restaurant at the airport.


MVARC President Jim Kennedy, W7OUU (standing right), telling Alex and Jacob to sell lots of tickets...lots and lots of tickets!  LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of tickets!


Heidi with the Happy Landing Restaurant, discussing food options with Bob, N7SVI.


Terry Nelson, AD7P, and his XYL admiring the size of the crowd at the party.


The group enjoying the meal while Terry Fletcher, K7THF, checks to make sure all his paperwork is complete!


Last year Doc, AC7M, (upper left) entertained us with his guitar playing and singing with the band.  The group demanded an encore this year but Doc refused until he was finished with his pork chop!


From left:  Marty Hembree, Chris Hembree W7CTH, Dick Shotwell W7GDA, Kelly Goodman KF7UFJ, Rosey Goodman KF7UFI.


From left:  Bill Carver W7AAZ, Helen Champ, Richard Champ N6PQC, Mike Dahmer K7MDI, Kelly Jenrick KB7RFT, Steve Hagerty K7WKR - MVARC VP.


I WON!  Richard Champ N6PQC, showing off his newly won Baofeng handheld in the club raffle.


The table that would end up winning the lion's share of the raffle prizes!  After the drawings people were asking them to buy them and Powerball ticket!


Lower right) Mike Payne W0LVJ and his granddaughter keeping an eye on the raffle tickets.


The variety of prizes for the raffle for the ladies was quite impressive.


The first winner of the night...


Dan Miller, KG7JVE, one of the winners of a Baofeng handheld.


Rosey Goodman, KF7UFI, was the winner of a $100 gift certificate from HRO.


Connie Kennedy, WB6FYD, makes her way to the prize table.  She gets a "yard of chocolates!"


Even the little ones were excited!


Good food, cool prizes and even a band to dance to.  No one danced but they COULD have!


Kim Carranza KD6GLL, another winner of a Baofeng handheld!


Oscar Carranza, KC6GWG, signing up as another winner of a $100 gift certificate from HRO.


Marty Hembree, shows off her raffle winnings.


Dick Shotwell, W7GDA, receives his Baofeng handheld.


Terry Fletcher, K7THF, was another $100 gift certificate winner from HRO.


There were plenty of prizes for the non-hams among us.




Kelly Klaas, K7SU, signs up as a $100 gift certificate winner from HRO as Mike Payne, W0LVJ, tries to guilt him into giving it to him!


Larry Laub, KG7JVA, hurries to the prize table to pick up his Baofeng handheld.


It was a good night...everyone had fun...and everyone got full.

Our gratitude to the staff and ownership of the Happy Landing Restaurant

at the Twin Falls Airport for their hard work in serving the unruly band of the MVARC.