2016 Winter Party
Special thanks to Bob, KC7QR, for taking the pictures of this year's party!


Dick Shotwell, W7GDA (standing), collecting his ticket for the meal.  Steve Hagerty, Club President K7WKR (sitting) trying to talk Dick into spending more money with the club.


MVARC Sec/Tres. Alex Payne KF7LDR, accepting club renewals for 2016.

Some of the prizes given away included some kits, a 2016 Handbook and an MFJ antenna analyzer.  By the way, the big prize, the analyzer, was won by Kent Reinke, KV7N!  Congratulations Kent!


Some of the non-ham prizes...lots of nice gift cards and the "Snow" family. 


This quadcopter belongs to Jim, W7OUU.  He gave a short talk on these "drones" to the group as part of the "hams have talent" presentation.


Rosie Goodman, KF7UFI, talked about her hobby...making "ancestry booklets" for her family.


As part of the "hams have talent" presentation, Kelly, K7SU (club VP) showed some of his woodworking.


Alex, club Sec/Tres. and KF7LDR.


Hams really DO have talent.  "Bil" Johnson, K8MPW, gave us a little dance and poem.  YeeHaw!


Now let's face it.  The LAST thing anyone wants to volunteer for is organizing the Christmas Party.  Jan Zollinger, N7BRL, volunteers to do just that every year...and what a GREAT job she does!  We are truly blessed to have Jan as a member.  She not only volunteers for the job but I truly believe she would be disappointed if she didn't get to do it.


From left the MVARC Board of Directors...President Steve Hagerty K7WKR, Sec/Tres. Alex Payne KF7LDR and VP Kelly Klaas, K7SU.


The HOTY award (Ham Of The Year) was presented this year to Bob Castaneda, KC7QR.  Bob spearheads the organizing each year of our Field Day and Swap Meet activities. 


The Grand Prize during this year's raffle was an MFJ Antenna Analyzer.  The winning ticket belonged to Kent Reinke, KV7N.  Congratulations Kent!



Our gratitude to the staff and ownership of the Happy Landing Restaurant

at the Twin Falls Airport for their hard work in serving the unruly band of the MVARC.