All pictures courtesy of Doc, AC7M



Jim - W7OUU, Mike - W0LVJ and Chuck - KA7WZM are shown here launching the tennis ball that will eventually pull the G5RV-Lt. antenna up into the tree by the Community Building at KOA.  Mike is giving Jim instructions on "elevation" and Chuck is handling the azimuth while Jim follows the instructions. 

Alex (left) KF7LDR and Oscar, KC6GWG (owner of the KOA) discussing the fact that it's a beautiful day and they are sure glad THEY don't have to put the antenna up into the tree.  Not enough thanks can be given to Oscar and his XYL and crew at KOA.  This is a great place to hold such events!

Mike - W0LVJ and Jim - W7OUU discussing the big fish that Jim caught with this same line off the coast of Bermuda back in the day.  "Of COURSE it's a big enough line to pull up this little antenna!"


Almost there.  Jim - W7OUU and Lee Kelly - K6ZVA getting ready to attach one leg of the G5RV to someplace handy.  This antenna worked very well for the JOTA operation.

Kelly - K7SU (left) and Alex - KF7LDR setting up the webcam to webcast the JOTA event over the internet.  Well, OK...Kelly is setting it up and Alex is checking his email.

Lee - K6ZVA, putting the final touches on the fully self-contained EMCOMM trailer.  The many scouts who visited were very impressed with this setup.

Bob - KC7QR (right) and Kurtis - KF7OBQ discussing some of the paperwork for the event.  In the background is the modest setup used to contact many JOTA stations around the country.  It's an Icom 718 with a Kenwood tuner.  The rig was operated off a 12-volt deep cycle battery for the duration of the 4 hour event.

Lee - K6ZVA at the controls of the EMCOMM trailer with Dick - W7GDA looking on.

What a nice setup!  From left, Lee - AD7SH, KF7OBQ, KC7QR, K7MDI and W0LVG.  How many hams does it take to put up the club banner?

A scout and his scout leader parents are amazed by the mobile setup of Doc - AC7M.  This family was able to talk to Christmas Island (T32C) using Doc's mobile station.  They were quite thrilled.  After Doc completed his QSO with T32C, a little girl who had been listening came up to him quite excited and asked if Christmas Island is where Santa Claus lives!   Gotta love ham radio and the innocence of children!

Things are just beginning to get underway.  All equipment is set up and some scouts and interested folks are starting to arrive.

With the help of Kelly - K7SU, some scouts are getting ready to talk to some scouts near Livermore, California.  Kurtis - KF7OBQ (left) did all the footwork and organizing for this event.

One of the scout leaders keeping an eye on the "herd."

Some of the scouts looking over a display of QSL cards, ham magazines, and playing with a CW oscillator.

After talking on the HF station in the community room many of the scouts headed to the EMCOMM trailer with Lee - K6ZVA.

Kurtis - KF7OBQ, obviously pleased with how things went.  He worked hard on getting things organized.

Even the media showed up to see what was going on.  Here is Kelly - K7SU, explaining to the audience of KMVT News just how JOTA works and what's going on here.

Waiting in line to see what's in the EMCOMM trailer.  Foreground, Bob - KC7QR, recording the event on his point-and-shoot.

Lee Kelly - K6ZVA, explaining to a bright-eyed young man how this stuff works.  A future "ham" perhaps?

Dave Wilkins of the Times News getting "just the facts" about the JOTA event and ham radio in general from MVARC President Jim Kennedy, W7OUU.

Kelly - K7SU (left),  Lee - K6ZVA and Rob - K7RGH, discussing the days events.


The JOTA event on Oct. 15th, 2011, was sure a great success for the scouts and for the MVARC.

Here is Doc Humphrey, AC7M (MVARC Vice President) showing another scout how he can talk around the world from his vehicle.




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