2014 Winter Party
Pictures Courtesy Bob, KC7QR

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Steve Hagerty,  K7WKR (right), receives one of the two HOTY awards this year from MVARC Sec/Tres. Alex Payne, KF7LDR, for his work in many aspects of the club including helping to teach the licensing classes and his working in preparing the paperwork for the 501(c)3 for the club.  Steve is a great asset to MVARC!

Alex Payne, KF7LDR, presents the second HOTY award to Terry Fletcher, K7THF, for his work organizing the the ARES/RACES membership and his leadership with emergency communications.  Terry also guided the complicated issue of helping Twin Falls County purchase the K6ZVA EMCOMM trailer for the club through a grant from the DHS.  Way to go Terry and thanks for your help!

Rollie Zollinger, KF7JGW,  and his "Wild Horses" band kept the crowd entertained with their unique mix of music.  We appreciate their time and willingness to entertain such an unruly crowd.  :)


Jan Zollinger, N7BRL, not only kept the band on beat with her drumming skills but also planned the party favors and raffle prizes.  Thanks Jan!

MVARC Sec/Tres Alex Payne, KF7LDR, debuted his musical talents at the club party by singing "The Auction" with the band. 

Dr. Miles (Doc) Humphry, AC7M, strummed his guitar and sang everyone his rendition of "Are You Lonesome Tonight."  See video below!  I don't think they were the original words to the song...they were MUCH BETTER.  Doc informed the audience after his 3rd encore that he would entertain the idea of taking his show "on the road."  Look out Brad Paisly!

I don't think the Happy Landing Restaurant has been this full since they diverted two 727's full of people from Salt Lake City to Twin Falls due to a snow storm.  And THIS was before everyone was there!





Click on the image above to see the video!



Our gratitude to the staff and ownership of the Happy Landing Restaurant at the Twin Falls Airport for their hard work in serving the unruly band of the MVARC.


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