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                      Yaesu System Fusion repeaters in Southern Idaho
                                                                      Updated 2/10/2021 
                                                               (LL) = Low Level Repeater
(X) = Possible mobile access from Twin Falls area
Freq. Offset Location Mode Link Info
444.700 Plus Bellevue (LL) Wires-X MVARC  
145.500 Minus Boise - Shafer Butte AMS MVARC  
442.700 Plus Buhl (LL) (X) Fusion-DMR-Analog MVARC Analog PL-100
449.200 Minus Burley - Mt. Harrison (X) Wires-X MVARC  
449.850 Minus Eagle (Boise) (LL) Wires-X MVARC  
443.700 Plus Emmett - Squaw Butte Wires-X MVARC  
443.750 Plus Hub Butte (X)  Allstar/Echolink/Fusion  Local
145.170 Minus Hansen Butte (X) Wires-X / AMS   Analog DCS-23
443.000 Plus Idaho Falls (LL) AMS MVARC PL-100
442.300 Plus Jerome-Flat Top Butte(X) AMS Wires-X MVARC DCS-23
444.300 Plus Ketchum (LL) Wires-X MVARC
447.650 Minus Montpelier (LL) Wires-X MVARC AMS PL-123
444.600 Plus Stanley (LL) Fusion/ANALOG MVARC Analog PL-100
448.200 Minus Thayne, WY. Wires-X MVARC  
444.600 Plus Twin Falls (LL) (X) AMS-Wires-X MVARC DCS-23
443.950 Plus Wendell (LL) Wires-X MVARC  
444.500 Plus Twin Falls (LL) K6UDA Fusion / AMS Varies DCS-23
Wires-X Room 43210 YSF - US MVARC KBNA
All Star 549361 Echolink 720238
    Please report changes to Kelly @    
* Note:
For access use DCS-23.  This repeater (443.750) is used for accessing the MVARC Wires-X digital room on analog.  The analog signal gets converted from analog to digital so analog users can join us on Wires-X if they want to.  This is an AMS repeater, meaning that it can be accessed via Digital or Analog.  For the digital user, feel free to move the node to any Wires-X room that you desire.  Just remember to disconnect from the room when you are done.  Keep in mind that it is connected to MVARC via analog (Allstar/Echolink), which means that there could be interruptions in the system if someone is using it on digital and someone on MVARC comes through the system.  It would switch back and forth between digital and analog. 
Allstar and Echolink are welcome to connect to the MVARC Wires-X system.  Allstar access is node #549361.  EchoLink access is KB7SQS-R.  Access is also possible through YSF,
US MVARC 43210, also through FCS 003-013 MVARC-IDAHO.  However, FCS doesn't seem to work that well sometimes.




We encourage you to employ Wires-X and move the local MVARC Fusion repeaters to other rooms OUTSIDE our local area.  We do NOT recommend removing a local Fusion repeater from the MVARC system and moving it into another local room or node as this defeats the intent of the linked repeater system. 

As our system continues to grow to cover Idaho and beyond, we welcome anyone who wants to connect to our FUSION system either temporarily, occasionally or permanently.  Currently our FUSION system covers most all of southern Idaho from Idaho Falls and east, all the way across the southern part of Idaho through the Treasure Valley (Boise area) and to parts north.   For more information please email Kelly @


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