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Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
- Meeting Minutes -

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
Saturday, December 8, 2018 @ 0900 MST at Loong Hing Restaurant, Twin Falls, Idaho Elected Members Present:
President: Bil, K8MPW
Vice President: Jim, W7OUU
Secretary: Alex, KF7LDR
Treasurer: Terry, AD7P
Member-At-Large: Kelly, K7SU
Count present at meeting: 35

Meeting called to order at 09:00 MST
Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer Report

Please be sure to send in your nomination for the Ham of the Year award. You can do that from our web site
Repeater – Meeting Jerome county on Monday regarding the 146.66/442.300 repeater location.
ARES/RACES – Meeting last week – created several work groups. Get progress by March Got Fusion radio FTM-400 for EMCOMM trailer and it’s programmed and ready to install.
One group is working on leadership and how to transfer to next person.
Work is underway now to function as an ARES group. People are thinking they were ARES/RACES but actually are only RACES. Need to register with ARRL ARES
ARRL Training online is currently not working.
K7MDI is trained to give classes.
ARRL is currently updating ARES database to be used nationwide. Ones that require charges are not charging a fee anymore.
Winter Party –
Email sent out listing menu. Waiting for the responses. Menu the same. Will be at Happy Landing Restaurant. Alex will send updated information on what we got planned on the party entertainment.

Explorer Youth Protection Training
Can do online or do the training at the training seminar Wednesday, 12/12/18 at Boy Scout office 6 p.m.. Will have a video and then get a certificate.

Winter Field Day – January
There’s a new program and programs on the computers… need to be updated.
Will only have 1 transmitter running so server not needed. December 8th 24hr QSO for FT-8

Been meeting on teleconference and in person. State convention is being reinvented. Maybe called Hamfest or Convention. Maybe in Mountain Home. April 27th around 9am to 4pm – Have not yet volunteered K7MVA to sponsor another CW contest like at the last year of the Idaho State Convention.
Need to find a name for this. Kelly will bring it to the board for discussion. Should have Amateur Radio in it.

Idaho ARRL new site went live on the night of 12-7-18

Baofeng 82c – direct is $59.00 Is legal with the FCC.

Special Guest:
Dan, K7REX and Rich, W7BOI
Rich is the Section Emergency Coordinator
Will have tailgate sale of Ben Bunch equipment

Half-Pot - $76.00 – KI7ANO

Meeting adjourned 09:49

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
Saturday, November 10, 2018 @ 0900 MST at Loong Hing Restaurant, Twin Falls, Idaho
Elected Members Present:
President: Bil, K8MPW
Vice President: Jim, W7OUU
Secretary: Alex, KF7LDR
Treasurer: Terry, AD7P
Member-At-Large: Kelly, K7SU
Count present at meeting: 32
Meeting called to order at 09:00 MST

Pledge of Allegiance


Treasurer Report

Terry, K7THF
Informed us of what’s been going on with Rolly, W7KOT and Jan, N7BRL. Rolly has had some medical issues arise while completing a mission, for his church, that Jan and he were on. He’s had to have 5 heart splints put in. he is now home relaxing and recovering.

ARES/RACES – with the Fusion network in the Magic Valley, we should get a Fusion radio for the ECOMM Trailer.  With the prices of the radios right now, we can’t go wrong. The FTM400XDR is currently $394.95. With what is in ARES/RACES Account, we would need donations to cover the remaining balance of the radio. Approx. $53.00 is the remaining balance.
  Motion was put on the floor to purchase the radio for ECOMM trailer by Kelly Jenrick, KB7RFT
  Motion was Seconded by Bil Johnson, K8MPW
 There was no discussion and a vote was taken. Of the Members of ARES/RACES were present, there was a unanimous vote to get the radio.

  Donations are always welcome and can be done in person or via the K7MVA Website.

ARES/RACES – Need to get a meeting setup. Available dates are 11-17-18, 12-1-18, 1-5-19, and 1-26-19. We discussed, verified with Loong Hing, for Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 09:00 MST at Loong Hing Restaurant for meeting.

Some of the things that are going to be discussed are:
• By-Laws
• How to incorporate Digital
• Training Standards
• Trailer Training
• Field Exercises
• BOD for ARES/RACES group
You don’t have to be a member of the ARES/RACES team to come to meetings. Only time you need to be a member is when dispatched for an emergency situation. Also if your ARES/RACES card has expired and need assistance to get it renewed, please contact Terry.

Kelly, K7SU
Repeater Report – A meeting with Jerome County is coming up and information from that meeting will be
posted on the reflector. All the other repeaters are up and running with no issues.

Bil, K8MPW and Alex, KF7LDR
Membership Renewal. It’s that time of year and you can start renewing you membership. Membership needs to be up-to-date by the Winter Party, January 12, 2019. You can renew at the party as well.

Ham Of The Year Award (H.O.T.Y.) Nominations. Please get nominations in by December 17, 2018 so that we can get the award for the winning person(s).

Bil, K8MPW
Winter Field Day – will be held January 26 and 27, 2019 at the Club Station located in the basement at the Boy Scout Office off Hankins Rd. and Falls Ave.

Ben Bunch Equipment Sale – See flyer

Winter Party – due to some issues, Jan N7BRL won’t be heading the Winter Party Festivities this year. We have a couple who have generously volunteered to head this task. Ken Roessler, KB7DFP girlfriend  have taken up this task.

ARRL membership. If you go through the club, $2.00 of your renewal goes to the MVARC. If you don’t talk with Terry, AD7P, this fine. There’s a box on the renewal form that states you have already donated to the club.

Idaho State Convention – Dan Marler, K7REX is getting with clubs in the state and working on getting ideas and setup things for the Idaho State Convention. Bil, K8MPW and Kell, K7SU have been talking with him. More information will be posted on the reflector.

Scout Charter dues are coming up and if you got certified, you’ll need to get recertified for next year. Needs to be completed before next year.

Dean, KI7CC
Lee Kelly, K6ZVA has given the club a bunch of tubes for the Tube Bank. A list will be supplied soon.

Jim, W7OUU
Meteor Scatter Video Presentation.

Doc, AC7M
Flu season is coming and this year it’s suppose to be really bad. Idaho has had already 1 death due to it.

Half Pot Raffle Winner
$40.00 – Ken Stokesberry, KI7ANO

Meeting Adjourned at 10:20 MST

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club – M. V. A. R. C. – Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2018 09:00 MDT at Loong Hing Restaurant in Twin Falls, Idaho
Elected Members Present:
Bil, K8MPW – President
Alex, KF7LDR – Secretary
Kelly, K7SU – Member at Large
Number of people Present: 41
Pledge of Allegiance
Alex, KF7LDR – Treasurer Report

Bil, K8MPW – Nominate someone for HOTY Award

Repeater Report, Kelly, K7SU – Jerome Repeater is moving forward. County is working on it and some
quotes are going in place.

Tech Class coming up in November. Need to have some bodies.

Terry, K7THF ARES RACES – Active in southern states. If you want to join, contact Terry. There was a
class that was just done for Aux. Communications. Need to have a meeting to discuss what we have and
need to do to move forward. Watch the reflector.

Jeremy, KA7BIF – J.O.T.A. – Next week – festivities start at 9am. Ends at 2 technically, but can run
longer. Will have a radio badge being done. TFPD coming out. HD being donated by Falls Brand. Will
be at City Park to promote J.O.T.A. and Troop 773. Will have a fox hunt. Will also have a station at Lake
Murtaugh at the Scout Camp. Will be setting up a Digital as well. Echo Link will be going, HF running
Kelly, K7SU – HAMs in the Park - Is this something that we should be doing next summer.
Winter Party Raffle Item – FTM-100 – this will be the big prize at the winter party.

ARRL Asst. Section Manager for Idaho K7REX Dan Marler– Presentation – Recorded
Raffle Half Pot: Eileen, Wife of Bob, N7SVI
Meeting Adjourned at 10:02

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting Minutes Sept. 8, 2018
Meeting called to order at 0902
Elected Officers Present:
President Bil Johnson K8MPW
Vice President Jim Kennedy W7OUU
Treasurer: Terry Nelson AD7P
Member at Large: Kelly Klaas K7SU

# of people present at meeting: 29
Pledgte of Allegiance and Introductions

ARES/RACES Liason Terry Fletcher K7THF announced ARES/RACES Training in Idaho Falls coming up for those qualifying for 800 Series.
Fletcher said a group representing MVARC will meet Monday with Jerome County officials to discuss status of 146.66 repeater site and
status of ARES/RACES with Jerome County.

Dean Etherington KI7CC says we are still waiting to hear from SIRCOM so we can get a new memorandum of cooperation with officials
to access our repeater site on Hansen Butte.

"Bil" Johnson K8MPW says he will have his Fusion repeater up and running soon. All pieces should be here by Monday. 443.950 mhz.

The new Fusion repeater in Filer at KB7SQS warehouse should be up very soon on 444.600 mhz.

Steve Hagerty K7WKR announced he will be holding a Technician Class training session starting at the end of Oct. and into November.
Details for this class can be found on our website HERE.

Jeremy Brown KA7BIF said the Explorer Post 773 is regrouping after the summer. New meeting time will be Fridays at 4:30 p.m. in the
ATIC building at CSI. He also announced JOTA will be held at the Boy Scout office on Oct. 20th.

Kevan Vogt KD7IYA says Mt. Harrison repeaters have been maintained for the year and are in good operating order. The new FUSION digital repeater
on 449.200 mhz. is operating very well as is the 147.00 machine. He said memberships are being renewed and that they are going well.

Special presentation was another Q&A session about Yaesu System Fusion.

There was no half-pot drawing this month.

Adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting Minutes August 11, 2018
Meeting called to order at: 0900
Elected Officers Present:
President: Bil Johnson, K8MPW
Vice President: Jim Kennedy, W7OUU
Secretary: Alex Payne, KF7LDR
Treasurer: Terry Nelson, AD7P
Member at Large: Kelly Klaas, K7SU

# of People present at Meeting: 29
Pledge of Allegiance Introductions

Repeater Report: Dean, KI7CC retiring from maintaining repeaters. Kelly Klaas K7SU and Jim Kennedy W7OUU will take over the repeater maintenance.

ARES/RACES – Jerome is questioning the viability of the tower on Flat Top Butte where the 66 repeater is located. Now waiting on the word from Jerome County. Questions: is it positioned correctly? Can it reach the east side of county? Is the tower plum? Is the Tower proper size? There will be no development of the 66 MVARC repeater in the building and on the tower until all these questions are resolved.

Tech class end of Oct Start of Nov. Thursday evening at Boy Scout Office. Around 7pm - $20/$25 for manual

Fusion Repeater – Discussed the Agreement that was signed between parties involved. Essentially, the Fusion repeater on 443.750 will be owned by Lance Vander Meiden but operated by MVARC. The agreement will be in the secretary file. The repeater will remain in Digital Mode being that we have 2 FM repeaters in the area, but it can be switched to AMS mode or FM mode for special occasions.

A discussion on the floor about changing out the 146.760 repeater (Hansen Butte) to a Fusion digital repeater because right now the repeater is on sale for $650 through Yaesu. Motion made by Jim Kennedy, W7OUU to purchase Fusion repeater to replace 76 machine. Over 95% approved, none opposed. After installation the Fusion repeater will be in AMS mode which means it will work for both analog FM and Digital.

Fusion Repeater Presentation by Lance Vander Meiden: Wires-X box is the box that gets the repeater on the air via the internet. Also Lance answered questions about Fusion and showed some Fusion capable radios.

Winner of Half-Pot- Kelly Goodman, KF7UFJ

Meeting adjourned at 10:12am


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting Minutes July 14, 2018
Meeting called to order at: 0900 Elected Officers Present: President: Bil Johnson, K8MPW
BOD Attending:
Vice President: Jim Kennedy, W7OUU
Treasurer: Terry Nelson, AD7P
Member at Large: Kelly Klaas, K7SU
Attendees present at Meeting: 20

We racked up over 1800 points for Field Day!

MV-100 Bike Rally will be held July 21. Volunteers traveled to their positions after meeting to
test communications and cross-band repeaters. Tests were successful. WE ARE READY!

JOTA Details. Will be held again at Scout Office. More details to come.

A meeting is scheduled Monday July 16 with Jerome County officials to discuss the "working agreement" between ARES/RACES and MVARC.
Attending the meeting will be Dunk Layton KD7JKB, Terry Fletcher K7THF, Jim Kennedy W7OUU and Kelly Klaas K7SU.
Results of the meeting will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30.

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting Minutes June 9, 2018
Meeting called to order at: 0900 Elected Officers Present: President: Bil Johnson, K8MPW
BOD Attending:
Vice President: Jim Kennedy, W7OUU
Secretary: Alex Payne, KF7LDR
Treasurer: Terry Nelson, AD7P
Member at Large: Kelly Klaas, K7SU
Attendees present at Meeting: 22

Pledge of Allegiance
Introductions Treasurer Report:

Twin Falls Repeater– Fully Functional
Jerome – Unknown where it sits at this time. Still working with Jerome County Officials.

100m Bike ride: still need some members to assist. Contact Terry Fletcher K7THF if you can help.

Tube and Tent Storage: Time to consider what we are going to be doing. Time has come to clean house at current location of KLIX 96.5FM Kool Transmitter. Either store them or put them up on E-Bay.
Storage will be at Brent Adamson's (WX7L) right now

Swap Meet: 7-28-2018 – Will be held at the Scout Office. Will make a list that could be at the Swap Meet for the Tubes.
Setup at 8 a.m. Gates open at 9 a.m. It's all free. Bring your stuff!

Field Day 2018 – June 23rd and 24th at Murtaugh Lake Only running 2 Transceiver – Running 80m Dipole and triband on 10,15,20.
Club will furnish Drinks, chips, snacks – you bring your food – BBQ is up to you. Explorer Group is invited to come out with drones
Friday night 6pm setup for antenna Trailers –
Saturday Morning 8am to setup Bill, W7AAZ 40 meter vertical.
May have a Fox Hunt Activity

Half-Pot Winner: Larry, K7LTL

Motion to adjourn: Kelly Klaas, K7SU Brent Adamson WX7L Seconded
Meeting Adjourned at 9:36am
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting May 12, 2018 -
Loong Hing Restaurant, Kimberly Rd., Twin Falls, ID.
Board of Directors Members present:
Bil Johnson, K8MPW - President
Jim Kennedy W7OUU - VP
Terry Nelson AD7P - Tres.
Kelly Klaas K7SU - Member at Large

26 people present, called to order at 9 a.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer Report - Terry Nelson AD7P

Terry Fletcher, K7THF, reported on the "Bike Race" coming up on July 21.
ARES/RACES and other members will be involved again this year providing communication.
There will be some minor changes to the route.
The 100 mile ride is a fund raiser sponsored by the Magic Valley Trail Extension Committee.
Will need about 18 to 20 hams to participate. Please contact Terry Fletcher if interested.
Also ARES/RACES is in process of updating MOA agreement with Twin Falls County Sheriff.

Club members voted to hold Field Day June 22 & 23 at Murtaugh Lake at Camp Murtaugh.
Members voted to forego the club purchasing sandwiches for the meal and each attendee will bring their own food.
Club will furnish Drinks, chips for snacks, plates and utensils for pot luck.
Setup will be that Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

No half pot today.
Adjourned at 10 a.m.
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting April 14th, 2018 –
Election Meeting –
Loong Hing Restaurant, Kimerbly Rd., Twin Falls, ID
Board of Directors Members present:
Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF – President
Bil Johnson, K8MPW – Vice President
Alex Payne, KF7LDR – Secretary
Terry Nelson, AD7P - Treasurer
Robert Castaneda, KC7QR – Member at Large

28 People present at meeting Meeting called to order at: 09:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer Report – Terry, AD7P Insurance –
Purchased liability nsurance through ARRL – haven’t done the equipment on the insurance yet.
Did a quote online and it would be about $50 a month, so it hasn’t been done yet.
Discussion – Lets keep just the liability. We haven’t lost any equipment yet that would make it worth it. Scrap getting the equipment insurance.

Repeater Report: Dean, KI7CC
Twin Falls – Civil Air is out of the ARES hut so the hut is only us in the building. Maybe moving the 76 Repeater. Weed control is great.
Civil Air Patrol is wanting a HAM to teach and be the Radio Operator

Jerome – We have dibs on the top of the tower. There’s an issue with getting bids to get everything on the tower.

ARES/RACES – Terry, K7THF Working on getting Twin Falls Cooperation agreement to match what Jerome’s agreement is stating.
Presentation – Terry, K7THF Cross-Band Repeaters

Jim, N7ZGH Passed 4-13/4-14

Elections: President: Vice Present Bil Johnson, K8MPW is moving up to President
Secretary: Nominations - Alex, KF7LDR
Treasurer: Nominations: - Terry, AD7P
Member at large: Nominations: - Kelly, K7SU Bob, KC7QR Tim – Nomination rejected due to possible issues
Votes: Bob, KC7QR Votes counted
Kelly, K7SU Votes counted
Based on votes counted Kelly, K7SU is now Member-At-Large
Vice President: Nominations: - Larry, K7LTL Jim, W7OUU
Votes: Jim, W7OUU Votes Counted
Larry, K7LTL Votes Counted
Based on votes counted Jim, W7OUU is Vice President
Explorer Post 773 – This week they will be at Robert Stuart Middle school on the STEM program that is happening there. But a lot of great young men in the group.

Lee, WB7CYO – ARRL – Section Manager is retiring this fall. Would be cool to have someone from the Magic Valley to be a part of.

Bil, K8MPW – Presented certificate to Jeremy, KA7BIF for Outstanding Service.

Half-Pot - $22.50 – Rosie, KI7UFI

Expect an email from Bil asking what equipment you have. Jim, W7OUU Motion to close meeting Mike, W0LVJ Seconded Meeting adjourned at 10:10am

Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting March 10th, 2018
Called to order at 09:00 at Loong Hing Restaurant,
1719 Kimberly Rd., Twin Falls, ID 83301
President Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF Presiding over meeting.
Vice President Bil Johnson, K8MPW, Secretary Alex Payne, KF7LDR and Treasurer Terry Nelson, AD7P are present.

28 Members total present at meeting. Introductions Pledge of Allegiance Treasurer’s Report

Steve, K7WKR 501c3 reporting is completed this year. Didn’t have income of $50,000
Will have technician class this fall

Terry, K7THF Weather’s spotters training. Info will be placed on the reflector April 15th at Jerome county jail.
100K Bike Run – 21st of July is in the planning stage RACES training –
Will have a Crossband repeat class/training following April’s monthly meeting.

Explorer group Was suppose to have meeting 3-9-18 but no members showed up.
Keypad/Door Lock – Will be installed in the near future Lock on the club room – we can install the lock – the captain will be getting lock.

QSO Party is today. Can do at the club house if wanted.

Insurance ARRL Liability is $300 ARRL Equipment is $50 deductible and it costs $1.40 per $100 of equipment.
Motion has been passed placed on floor to just have BOD go for it if they feel it’s what is needed. – Motion has been seconded – Motion passed. Motion modified to just do it. Motion seconded – Motion passed

Repeater Report: Dunk, KD7JKB Everything is approved, just waiting for everyone at Jerome County to get everything lined up.

Certificate: Dunk, KD7JKB – Thanks for assistance on maintaining the Repeaters Dean, KI7CC –
Thanks for assistance on maintaining the Repeaters
Steve, K7WKR – Appreciation of all work on IRS/501c3

Presentation: Jim, W7OUU – Video by David Casler KE0OG – Dipoles vs. verticals.

Half-Pot Raffle: $43.00 Kent, KV7N Meeting adjourned at 10:00
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2018
Meeting Called to order at: 08:56
B.O.D. Present:
Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF – President
Terry Nelson, AD7P – Treasurer
Alex Payne, KF7LDR – Secretary
Robert Castaneda, KC7QR – Member at Large
Number present: 28

Testing session next month at the Scouting Office/Club House

Explorer Club doing great. Waiting on parts for the drones. Governors office of Boise called and a
couple of members went up and had a great time. Got about 6 members.

Pledge of Allegiance


MFJ Antenna Analyzer was donated to the club station from Brent Adamson, WX7L.

Trying to get the keypad put in for the club station.

Repeater Report
Office of Emergency Management is in charge of putting together the project on the Jerome Sheriff's tower, but the person that heads
that department is unclear of what must be done. Dunk Layton, KD7JKB is helping to guide them. Needing to figure out contractors. Given
permission to do whatever it takes, just not pulling the cord to do it.

Mt. Harrison – No Report.
Hansen Butte site is doing great.

Treasurer report
$341 on Christmas Party raffle. Spent approx. $400

Boise will pull some funds.
Boise Convention – Motion to approve $300.00
Motion: Alex Payne, KF7LDR
Second: Mike Payne, W0LVJ
Motion carried.
(Update -- The Idaho State Convention has been cancelled so there will be no need for the money approved. Edited K7SU 2/18/18)

Jim, W7OUU – Presentation on HF Propagation

Half Pot Drawing: Kelly Klaas, K7SU - $40.50

Motion to Adjourn: Kelly, K7SU
Seconded: Jim, W7OUU
Adjourned 9:59am

No January 2018 Business meeting. We held our Winter Christmas Party in lieu of the business meeting.
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
December 9th, 2017 – Called to order at 08:55
Board Members Present:
Jeremy, KA7BIF – Pres
Bil, K8MPW – Vice Pres
Alex, KF7LDR – Secretary
Terry, AD7P – Treasurer
Bob, KC7QR – Member at Large
Total Present: 25
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurers Report
HOTY Nominations – In by the 18th

Explorer Post 773:
Meeting twice a week. Found 3-4 students that was working Real World Design Challenge – don’t have
time to complete. Will be continuing with explorer program. Will have a robot with Wireless video and Audio.
Meeting at both Canyonridge High and a couple times at Office.

Check roster to make sure info is correct – only a few responded to check-in

Equipment ordered for the Jerome repeater in the Jerome County Sheriff's building on Flat Top Butte. and all else functional.

Winter Party:
Prime Rib, Chicken, Pork, Salmon – Same as last year. Price has not been figured out as of meeting.
Will be at Happy Landing Restaurant.
Jan, N7BRL in doing women's gifts and entertainment.
Board members meeting after meeting to finalize the door prize.
Jan, N7BRL – Theme: Curses Foiled Again -
Need characters/actors

MARS Program – Looking for Idaho Members

Insurance – Currently looking for new policy as the present one does not cover what we need. ARRL has one that may work.
Dunk KD7JKB won 48.50 half pot
Called to close at 09:33

The Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
October 14, 2017 – Called to order at 08:57 MDT
Board of Directors present:
Jeremy, KA7BIF - President
Bil, K8PMW – Vice President
Alex, KF7LDR – Secretary
Terry, AD7P – Treasurer
Bob, KC7QR – Member-at-large
22 people present at meeting

Thank everyone for all the help on the Office/club house.
Pledge of Allegiance.
When running coax, we were asked to go through where the HVAC lines were coming in if possible. When attempting to make room in the existing, the Freon line was
nicked and repairs are needed. The repair will be around $1300.00
Motion was put to pay the bill – Kelly, KB7RFT – Motion was not needed.
Discussion – put up donation to assist in resupplying the $1300.00


Treasurer’s Report – Club is sitting good. Purchased a couple office things for the club room and power bill for repeater.
Discussed the ARRL bonus for when club puts in your ARRL paperwork.

Repeater Report:
Jerome Commission – Don’t want us owning antenna on their tower, so they are buying antenna, installation, and
coax. We will be rent free.

ARES/RACES is documenting all the paperwork for the repeater site. Talking about having 3 coax running up the
tower. Only costing time to get this going.
Don’t have any plans at this time for an exercise or meeting.
May have some C.E.R.T. training, but will be discussing for Jerome. Twin Falls does not have anything
like this.
Will check trailer, but nothing really to winterize.
Good training session for use of the trailer. Have had a couple walk-through, but will have another one.

Showed pictures of all the work that was done in a couple weekends.
Boy Scout Office will have a keypad access soon.
Has posters, and will have some boards on the wall.

Woodriver is wanting to work with the MVARC on the Camp Bradley link setup.

Presentation – Solar Eclipse 8-21-17
Lloyd Paul Verhage, KD4STH

JOTA next Saturday and discussion.
Setup – Talk about 1 radio. Got call for about 5 scouts showing up for merit badge. Thinking of setup for like Field
Day. Looking at about 10 scouts from Troop 74.
There is a J.O.T.A. video from previous year on the club Youtube Channel.

Winner of Half pot: Jim, W7OUU $38.50
Motion to adjourn: Bil, K8MPW
Seconded: Dave WA7SDO
Adjourned 10:47


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
Monthly Meeting – September 9th, 2017
Meeting Called to order at 09:00
Members of Presidency present: Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF, President – Bil Johnson, K8MPW, Vice
President – Alex Payne, KF7LDR, Secretary – Terry Nelson, AD7P, Treasurer– Bob Castandea,
KC7QR, Member at Large.
Number of Members Present (Not counting BOD): 15
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer's Report – Terry, AD7P
Certificates: Lee and Bobby Kelly for service and appreciation. Terry, K7THF for all stuff with
BSA Explorer Room/JOTA – 8am to 2pm (Could go longer) – Grab fliers. Got applications.
Status of office. Carpet is getting laid 9-9-17 afternoon. Got filing cabinet and tables/desks.
Talking with students at Canyon Ridge High School in Mr. Nelson's class.
The office is really wanting to have Camp Bradley
Woodriver Chapter is really wanting to assist in getting communications with Camp Bradley.
Going to be getting a couple world maps for push-pins of contacts.
The Icecream truck that Jeremy is running is willing to donate a portion of profits to the
explorer group if they are willing to assist.
ARES/RACES: Twin Falls County Local Emergency Planning Committee is having a meeting the
week of 9-11 to 9-15. The major components have had swapping of their committees. Need
more operators for ARES/RACES. Willing to take some people to the meeting.
Swap Meet – Happening in 2 weeks. Believe need more assistance.
Testing is next week. - Got VEs that are needed to have things covered.
Murtaugh Boy Scout facility is having a ribbon cutting on 9-15.
Tech License class starting this coming Thursday. 7pm is when class is starting. (Cancelled)

Tuesday Night Net – Need more organization. Larry is going to be running the Tuesday night nets
Motion to close: Jim, W7OUU
Second: Brent, KV7N
Half Pot: $34.50 – Winner: Kelly, KB7RFT


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
Saturday, August 12th, 2017 – 08:55
BOD members present… Jeremy, KA7BIF; Bil, K8MPW; Alex, KF7LDR; Terry, AD7P; Bob, KC7QR (Member @ Large)

Pledge of Allegiance

Treasure's Report – Terry, AD7P


Thanks to all that came out on the 100 mile bike race. Eclipse is coming. All ARES/RACES please have radios on so if needed you can be contacted. Monitor 146.760. Protect your eyes.
– Thank you Terry, K7THF for getting the 100 mile race all setup.


Mt. Harrison building – needing help and assistance to get work done. Ice tore things up this last winter.

There's still hope for the Jerome Butte Repeater setup.


Starting at 09:00. Setup is at 08:00 – Don't have anything really for a club table. Willing to split profits ½ if selling your product on the club table.

Needing people for parking and directions. No testing at Swap Meet.

Burley Swap Meet is Next Week, August 19



Over 3100 points and are submitted. Results in November


Scheduled another Tech Class – Starting September 14th.


Tour of the facility will be at the end of meeting.
Will be a lot of work, but well worth it.
Post 773 – 7 is Reign and 73 for what we say at the end of Transmission
Learning for Life side of the BSA Umbrella age 14-20
Brent is Advisor – Debbie assistance Advisor (will need females to assist so females can join.)
We are going to be a Technology group – we have a wide range to teach. Need to stay on course.
Have access to all Snake River Counsel facilities.
Our room is 17x17

Maybe a little cost to use some facilities, but maybe only $25.00 (Activity/Maintenance Fee)
Any activity we do will be an Explorer Activity as long as there are Explorer advisers present. $40.00 Sponsorship Fee for the first year only. Money for projects can be raised by Fund Raisers.
We don't do the merit badges as a group, but we can assist in individuals obtaining the Communication Merit Badge. There are approx 9 badges that we can assist with.
Will have 24x7 access with keypad access to the building.
Kelly, K7SU – Motioned for the club to sponsor the Explorer Post 773
Brent, WX7L- Seconded
Only 1 opposed. Motion is carried
J.O.T.A. Will be our opening activity.
Want to be running by October 1st, 2017

Half-Pot Winner: Jennifer, KI7PAR $46.00

Certificates of Appreciation to: Jim, W7OUU; Bob, KC7QR; Bil, K8MPW; Kent, KV7N; Oscar, K7KOA

Meeting Adjourned at 10:03

Saturday, July 8th, 2017.

There was no business meeting today. Instead, several members of the club pulled the tower trailer and
handed out JOTA flyers at the Kimberly Good Neighbor Days parade.
MVARC Monthly Meeting Minutes for June 10th, 2017
MVARC President Jeremy Brown KA7BIF Presiding.
Meeting was called to order at 09:00 at Loong Hing Restaurant
Pledge of Allegiance


Terry Nelson AD7P gave a Treasurer's report.
Motion to accept report made by KB7RFT, seconded by KG7SIQ, approved.

AD7P reported we are ready to move the Hy-Gain 146.66 repeater antenna, located on the Jerome County Sherriff's tower near Flat Top Butte. We are just waiting for the "go" and some organization does still need to be done.

KB7RFT asked if the club would be willing to donate some money, perhaps $150, to the Mt. Harrison Chapter for repeater expenses. No vote was taken at this time. It was suggested that the Mt. Harrison Chapter consider asking users of the repeater to help out with expenses. There was some agreement that the MVARC would be willing to donate a set amount to the Mt. Harrison Chapter each year but no amount was set and no vote was taken. It was also pointed out that MVARC has contributed a lot to the repeater in the past including $70 in March.

Club President Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF, said he would like to see the club participate in the parades in the area this summer. The next one is the Buhl Sagebrush Days Parade. He also noted the Boy/Cub Scouts could be invited to walk with the club float in the parade.

Field Day Chairman Jim Kennedy W7OUU says our participation in Field Day this year will be at North View Orchard near Buhl which is owned by MVARC member Kent Reinke KV7N. We will operate as a 4A setup this year. Set up time will be Friday, June 23rd around 5 p.m. All hands on deck who can help set up the two antenna trailers, the club tent and several other smaller tents. Here is a map to get to the Field Day location referenced from St. Lukes Reginal Hospital on Pole Line Road in Twin Falls. Club members decided to have Subway sandwiches and a Pot Luck again this year at 5 p.m. Saturday on the Field Day site. MVARC will provide drinks and Subway sandwiches, members are asked to bring some sort of food dish.

Kelly Klaas, K7SU, was presented with the ARRL Certificate of Merit from MVARC for appreciation of the work done for the club.

Club President Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF, announced a "slogan contest" to come up with a good slogan the club can use. Details were sent via the club mail list.

Half-pot raffle won by Jim Kennedy W7OUU.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.


MVARC Monthly Meeting Minutes for May 13th, 2017
MVARC President Jeremy Brown KA7BIF Presiding.
Meeting was called to order at 09:00 at Loong Hing Restaurant
Pledge of Allegiance


09:08 – There was no Treasurer’s report.

09:10 – Jeremy, KA7BIF – Told club members who are also ARRL members that if they renew their ARRL membership through MVARC the club will get a “commission” for each one who signs up or renews.
Encouraged members to renew/sign up through the club. Jeremy and Terry AD7P will manage this task for the club. Jim, W7OUU – Explained what ARRL is about.

Field Day 2017
Jim, W7OUU
Club be running a 4A station this year at the Northview Orchard owned by MVARC member Kent Reinke KV7N. Will have antenna trailer. Oscar, K7KOA – will let club use generator Will have Port-A-Potty available
Food will be decided for Saturday
Jim, W7OUU asked for Radios, lights, chairs, and Extension cords
Radio setup will be 1 Digital and 3 Morse/Voice

09:25 – Jeremy, KA7BIF – Club/Hobby Exposure, Getting people into the hobby.
– Being in Western Days Parade
– Give out brochures to the public
– Doing a Fox Hunt
– Getting Kids into HAM RADIO.
– Club willing to sponsor a school club
– Jim, W7OUU – Club needs to be able to talk with kids

09:45 – 146.660 Repeater and Jerome County Sheriff
– Things are put on hold at the Jerome County Sheriffs Office. Changes are happening in Jerome County Offices.
– Jim, W7OUU – does the club want to be on hold as well, or should we make a “Plan B”?
– Dunk, KD7JKB – Talks about the history of the plan and also history of “Plan B”
– Jim, W7OUU – we should go with “Plan B” and if so some ideas to change
– Kelly, KB7RFT – What if we get kicked out
– Dunk, KD7JKB – Won't happen
– Topic Closed

09:40 - “GO” Bags
– Kelly, K7SU – Talks about his “Go” Bag
– Oscar, K7KOA – Talks/Show his “Go” Bag
10:03 – Half-Pot Drawing
10:08 – Problems with Reflector and reminder what its use is for. Club members have first priority. If non-members do not approve of reflector content they can unsubscribe.

10:10 – Rosey, KF7UFI Motions to Close
Jeremy, KA7BIF Seconds
10:11 – Meeting Adjourned


MVARC Meeting Minutes for 4/8/17
President Kelly Klaas K7SU Presiding

Meeting called to order at 9:01 a.m.
Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Terry Nelson AD7P

Kelly Klaas K7SU asked for volunteers to help in the MVARC booth at the Idaho State Convention.
Volunteers included Bill Carver W7AAZ, Doc Humphrey AC7M, Bil Johnson K7MPW, Kent Reinke KV7N and Oscar Carranza K7KOA.

Klaas called for volunteers to help with the MVARC sponsored CW contest. Volunteers include Brent Adamson K2SAW, Debbie Adamson, Bil Johnson K8MPW and Kelly and Rosey Goodman KF7UFI, KF7UFJ.

Klaas mentioned MVARC has an active Facebook page and encouraged all to check it out and make posts.

Klaas announced that he and Steve Hagerty K7WRK visited Kent Reinke’s orchard and check it out for a Field Day site this year. There are several site possibilities. Jim Kennedy W7OUU volunteered as Field Day Chairman. Brent Adamson K7SAW will assist.

Elections were held at the meeting. Results are:

Jeremy Brown KA7BIF automatically takes office after serving one year as Vice President.
Vice President – “Bil” Johnson K8MPW
Secretary – Alex Payne KF7LDR
Treasurer - Terry Nelson AD7P
Member at Large – Bob Castaneda KC7QR

After the election Jeremy Brown KA7BIF took over as President.

Terry Fletcher K7THF had an ARES report announcing training exercise May 20, 21. If we get more participants and exercise will be held. If no more volunteer to help the exercise may be cancelled. Contact Terry if interested.

President Jeremy Brown encouraged the club to be pro-active. Announced JOTA participation Oct. 21st at the Boy Scout Office.

Next month bring a radio go-bag if you have one to welcome and encourage new hams.

Dunk Layton KD7JKB said the site for the 146.66 repeater is progressing and the antenna has been ordered.

Kelly Jenrick KB7RFT suggested some type of repeater to help hams in Hagerman get out of the canyon. Suggestion was to not do anything until the 146.66 repeater is in operation at new location as it may fix the problem.

Raffle winner of Jim W7OUU.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


11 March 2017 Club Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes Written By: Jacob Wright
Total # Of People At Meeting: 32

0904 Club Meeting Starts
0904 Pledge Of Allegiance
0905 Introductions
0908 Kelly (K7SU) reminds members club elections will be next month

0909 Terry AD7P Gives Treasure Report

· Kelly Motion To Accept Report

· Motion To Accept Report and seconded.

· Members vote unanimously to accept.

0910 Kelly (K7SU) Talks About The Club Being At Idaho State Convention (April 20-23, 2017). Will Be Doing A CW Contest.
0914 Oscar talks about the JOTA location(Boy Scouts Office), dates, and hopes for the event to be a family event. Brings up the need for the club to set down a firm time table for the event. Brought up the idea to have multiple stations and maybe have some classes. Jim points out that the club needs to bring their “A” game since the club has all this time to plan and the need to bring in more youth.

0924 (Old/New Bussiness) Jim brings up the need to start really planning for Field Day since it’s come up real fast. Kelly says Kent’s (KV7N) Orchard is our location this year..

Time goes forward Tonight.

Congrats to the new HAMs

0927 Debbie Draws Half Pot Winner
0929 Dunk KD7JKB announces congratulations for club members who have worked at getting new hams licensed throughout the year.
0930 Chris demos his mobile IRLP/digital setup. Answers questions about his setup and some specs on the system.

1007 K2SAW motions to conclude meeting.

KV7N 2nds motion.

Club meeting ends.


11 February 2017 Club Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes Written By: Jacob Wright
Total # Of People At Meeting: 27

0904 Club Meeting Starts
0904 Pledge Of Allegiance
0905 Introductions
0907 Terry Nelson AD7P Gives Treasure Report

· Kelly Motion To Accept Report

· Jim 2nd Motion To Accept Report

0909 Kelly (K7SU) asks if members desired a New Date For Winter Club Party Due To Weather Conditions. Board Of Directors Will discuss a backup plan if meeting is changed due to weather. Also asked members if there was a desire to change location.

Poll (Not Official Vote)

· 13 In Favor To Keep It Where It Was At

· 3 Opposed

0916 Jeremy Brown KA7BIF Asks For Club Members Help (Bodies & Stations) To Help Cub Scouts Get An Award by participating in Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). Will Be Put On Calendar.

· Oscar Is Willing To Speak To Scout Council To Have The Grounds Be Used For The Cub Scouts if needed.

0920 Attending club members vote That The Club’s ½ Of The Half Pot Will Be Donated To The Mount Harrison Chapter repeater fund. The Ticket Winner Can Decide What They Want To Do With Their ½.
0921 Terry Fletcher K7THF Speaks About RACES Operations/Participation & The Need For Some More Club Members To Join RACES
0927 Kevan Vogt KD7IYA Talks About The Mount Harrison Repeater Fees/Costs That Need Help Covering. Kevin Has Also Asked For Some Help To Uninstall/Install Antenna On The Station’s Tower.
0939 Chris Hembre W7CTH Shows/Talks About OpenSpot (Digital Packet) For Mobile/Hand Held Digital Transmitting/Receiving. Also Shows Wireless Router To Hook Up To Hot Spot.
0943 Kelly (K7SU) Talks About MVARC participation At Idaho State Convention. MVARC will Be sponsoring A CW Contest. Members authorize/approve $300 For Prizes From Club Accounts And To Make brochures. Also Asking For Assistance To Man The Booth. Brings Up Registration Fees.
0952 Kelly (K7SU) Brings Up The Need To Get A Projector Screen. Members approve.
0953 (Old/New Business) Dunk KD7JKB mentions The Need For People For RACES And To Have Some People Have Their Radio’s On
0954 Kent KV7N Talks About his Achievement of transmitting from Every County In The USA (3077). Does A Presentation And Show Antenna/Radio Rig & Method Of Transportation Of Equipment.
1017 Lester (Guest) Draws Raffle Winner. (Winner, Jeremy Brown KA7BIF)
1018 Meeting Adjourns


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
December 10, 2016
Presiding: Kelly Klaas, K7SU President
Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF Vice President
Alex Payne, KF7LDR Secretary
Terry Nelson, AD7P Treasury
Meeting called to order at: 09:00

22 in attendance
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer Report
Winter Party - Jan, N7BRL - White Elephant gift exchange. If participating bring a gift. Men buy men
Woman buy Woman or you can buy one for either.
Steve, K7WKR - Price $22.00 per person if ordering the Christmas party menu. Prime Rib,
Chicken, Pork Chops, or Salmon. Includes soft drinks and dinner roll, veg, etc. Can order off the menu.
Elmer’s Net - Bil, K8MPW - meets Thursday on the 146.76 and talk about anything or everything that is
FCC Approved
ARES/RACES - Terry, K7THF - Got table & Chairs. Got a laser printer. Spring will look out for a shelter.
Idaho Disaster team changed it’s name recently. In the process of getting an exercise setup.
Repeater Report - Jerome still waiting on the sheriff to get the antenna. Did get coax wrapped on tower.
Need to get building leveled at spring.
Presentation - Slow Scan TV
Allows to transmit without Microphone. Soundcard Interface allows easier setup. There
is one you can build for about $20. If you don’t use interface, difficult to setup the box. SignalLink - about
$100 -- Rascal 2 -- can borrow from Bil, K8MPW
Rolly, W7KOT - Half Pot winner. $51.00
Meeting adjourned at 09:40 MST


Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting
November 12, 2016
Presiding: Kelly Klaas, K7SU President
Jeremy Brown, KA7BIF Vice President
Alex Payne, KF7LDR Secretary
Terry Nelson, AD7P Treasury

Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer Report - Approved

Hansen Butte cleaning - tower needs to have some things completed.
Teaching classes at CSI and Field Day Results - Steve, K7WKR
Tech Class - Starting around the end of January. 6 Sessions at CSI at 2.5 hours each.
Notes on reflector with specifics.
Cost: Base fee of $40, maybe close to $50.00. Will get book and license exam fee.

Field Day - Won Idaho again (2nd Year Running) and had High Score for Idaho.
Did leave about 400 points in the dust that we can get.
CW Contacts helped us.

Kelly’s tower use project fell through.

Sun Valley (Blaine County) area law with Handheld mics for Amateur Radios in vehicles. Still waiting to see impact.

Winter Party: Talk about having a different location. Discussion will be in February.
Winter Party 2016/2017 - Jan, N7BRL is MC - Menu choice is the same as last year.
Theme of party is White Elephant gift exchange. Just make sure it’s wrapped. One gift of each
individual. Cost of about $5.00
Gifts for woman will be dinner gift cards.

Repeater Report:
3 weeks ago - conversation about Jerome Site. Doug McFall is right on it. Twin Falls site is
running strong.

Large Prize Raffle Tickets
Start selling tickets in Feb and raffle off at the Winter Party.

Received a Donation of $560.00 for an Estate Sale. Will disccuss what we want to use money for.
Will have talk about getting a small folding table and a couple chairs and a 10x10 cover. May want to get
an up-to-date computer system and a new printer.
Would like to setup an exercise in Spring to see what we can do and stress our setups to see where
we can improve. Do need to see about getting more personal so that we can have relief for people. May
setup a long testing session as well.

Video - How to make a Fox Hole Radio Receiver
Half Pot raffle winnings of $60 was donated to club.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10

18 in attendance
Meeting time 9 a.m.

1) Pledge of Allegiance
2) Introductions
3) Everyone reported on new radio toys and/or notabls QSO's
4) Treasurer's report
5) Report from "Bil" Johnson K8MPW on Thursday night Elmer's net regarding lots of Elmers but few who need help
6) Report from Terry Fletcher K7THF regarding money to ARES from N7GUC sale
7) Report from Dean Etherington KI7CC regarding help needed for maintenance at ARES repeater site
8) Report from Kelly Klaas K7SU regarding club to start Tech classes at CSI for adult ed. for spring semester
9) Report from Kelly Klaas K7SU for urging members to be on lookout for room or building suitable for club station
10) Group discussion on location for January Christmas party. It was decided we would have it again at Happy Landing at airport.
11) Watched video on "Ham Radio Aboard ISS"
12) Winner of half pot Dean KI7CC
13) Adjourned 10:35 am

1) Pledge of Allegiance
2) Introductions
3) Discussed new "radio toys" some of the members attending had procurred.
4) Report from Bob Castaneda KC7QR on the Swap Meet coming up on 9/24
5) Discussion from Kelly Jenrick KB7RFT that the Civil Air Patrol is interested in having the club teach their members about radio operations.
6) Discussion about possibly holding ham radio classes through CSI and using their resources.
7) Doc Humphrey AC7M presented some pictures of the Evel Knievel jump back in 1974.7)7) Presentation from Bob Rodman, N7SVI about making antennas from flea market finds.
8) Presentation from Bob Rodman N7SVI on making antennas from flea market and yard sale finds.
9) Raffle winner of the half-pot was Rick Lang, AD7JS.
10) Adjourned



1) Pledge of Allegiance
2) K7SU is going to put the minutes on the web (reflector) instead of having them read each meeting.
3) Jim Kennedy W7OUU talked about meteor shower scatter. There was a meteor scatter that just happened.
4) Kelly K7SU mentioned the bicycle 100 mile run that we are participating in providing communications from eight pit stops along the run. Any one who would like to participate can. All eight stops are filled already.
5) The treasurer AD7P gave a financial report.
6) KC7QR talked about the swap meet the club is holding next month and how we need people to volunteer to help.
7) Bil, K8MPW, talked about the Elmer’s net on Thursday nights and how he is running things now compared to when the net was first started.
8) Kelly (KB7RFT) talked about how the Civil Air Patrol would like us to teach radio communication techniques to their people. The contact person is being invited to come to our meeting next month.
9) Steve K7WKR is going to start a Tech class this autumn and a general class this winter.
10) Kelly showed a YouTube video about how to test the voltage on a car battery.
11) The drawing for a flat of peaches from Kent, KV7N, won by Jim Kennedy W7OUU
11) adjourned at 0950.

Meeting Minutes
MVARC Bylaws
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