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Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
- Repeaters -
(South Central Idaho)

Repeater Frequency Coverage
Jerome KF7VTM 444.800+ Jerome, Twin Falls D-Star
Hansen Butte - Hansen K7MVA 146.76-      pl 100    Twin Falls, Jerome Counties Analog FM
Flat Top Butte - Jerome K7MVA 146.66-      pl 100 Jerome, Twin Falls County     FM Analog
Mt. Harrison - Burley KC7SNN 147.00-      pl 100 Southern Idaho, north Utah Analog FM
Twin Falls (low level) 444.225+   pl 100 Twin Falls - linked to Elko, NV Analog FM
Idaho/Utah Intertie 145.27-      pl 100 Idaho - Utah Analog FM
Sun Valley - Ketchum  N7ACB 147.18+     pl 100 Sun Valley, McCall, Hailey Analog FM
Mt. Harrison K7ACA 145.33-      pl-123 Burley area EMCOMM Analog FM
SW of Twin Falls KB7SQS *443.750+     Twin Falls, Jerome Counties FUSION DIG ONLY
Mt. Harrison   KC7SNN *449.200--  pl 100 Southern Idaho MAP FUSION AMS
Filer   KB7SQS 444.600+  pl 100 Twin Falls, Filer, Buhl FUSION DIG ONLY
Wendell   K8MPW *443.950+  pl 100 Wendell, Gooding FUSION AMS
Buhl    KB6BFR 442.700+   pl 100 Buhl-Filer DMR
Jerome K7MVA *442.300+ pl 100 Jerome, Lincoln Twin Falls FUSION AMS
Burley - Mt. Harrison  144.39 HARIN - KC7DBA APRS
Burley - Mt. Harrison 145.01 KC7SNN-7 Node/Digipeater Packet
Twin Falls - Hansen Butte 145.01 K7MVA-7  Node\Digipeater
Note:  Not all local repeaters are listed as per owner request.  
CLICK HERE TO VIEW FUSION REPEATER MAP *- These repeaters normally  linked together. We welcome "links" to our Fusion system.  Drop-ins are  
    welcome any time.  If you would like to link to us  
    permanently, we would also welcome that!  The more links  
    we have the more effective the system will be.  
World IRLP Live Status Page For more info contact  KELLY at K7SU dot COM
     Mt. Harrison Web Cam   < Depending on your browser you may have to click a button to allow FLASH to play.      
Idaho Repeater Geographical Map Locator (Under Construction)


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