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Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
- Testing Sessions -

Next testing session:  Sat. Nov. 16th, 2019  - 9 a.m.
Scouting BSA Office
2988 Falls Ave. East
Twin Falls, ID.  83301
Use WEST entrance next to garage doors.  Signs will be in place.

The Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club holds testing sessions for the Technician, General and Extra Class license, typically on the third Saturday of every odd month starting in January. Dates may change or be cancelled due to holidays or other circumstances so it's best to check here often if you plan on taking a test on any given testing day.

Please go to THIS LINK to get more information on what to bring to the testing session and the DO's and DON'Ts while at the session.

If you plan to test on one of the dates list at the bottom of this page please email us or call 208-731-8870 to let us know if you will be attending.  RSVP is not necessary to take the test but we do like to know about how many to expect.


- 9 a.m. at the Snake River Council Scouting BSA Office in Twin Falls, 2988 Falls Ave. East. West side of building, door next to the large garage doors.
- Bring at lease one form of a PICTURE identification.  A picture ID is a requirement.
- If you do not have an FRN (FCC Registration Number - see below for explanation) you must furnish your Social Security Number.  PLEASE know your SSN if you do not have an FRN.
- If you currently hold an amateur radio license, bring your original license AND a photocopy.
- Bring CSCE's that are not over 364 days old
- Bring $15 testing fee. (Non-refundable)
- Calculators are allowed except those that may remember formula's in the memories.
NOTE! iPhones, iPads, Androids, smartphones, Blackberry devices and all similar electronic devices with a
calculator capability, may NOT be used.

- Please be prepared to turn off cell phones during the testing session.
- You may not place a call or accept a call on your phone while testing.
- You may not leave the room while you are taking the test.
- If you get a passing grade on a test you may take the test for the next level up without an additional fee.
- If you fail a test you can try it again for an additional $15 fee. (non-refundable)

You must either furnish your Social Security Number when you take your first exam at the exam site OR apply for an FRN (FCC Registration Number) BEFORE you take your first exam. If you register beforehand with the FCC and receive an FRN you will not need to furnish your Social Security Number at the exam site. But to receive an FRN from the FCC you will need to furnish your SSN when you apply for an FRN. If you do NOT register with the FCC for an FRN beforehand an FRN will accompany your first ham radio license. Some applicants may have misgivings about supplying their SSN at the exam site and this is understandable. But you either have to register beforehand with the FCC and receive your FRN from them or you will be required to furnish your SSN at the exam site before you can take the test. Here is a LINK where you can apply for your FRN from the FCC before you attend an examining event. After you receive your FRN number from the FCC you will use that number for any licensing business with the FCC instead of your SSN.  If you use your SSN at the testing session, be sure you either know your number or have it written down.  We cannot delay a test session while you search for your SSN. 

It is the responsibility of the licensed applicant seeking to upgrade to provide the VE's with a copy of your valid current license. The VE's will KEEP the copy and it will be sent to the ARRL with your test papers. The FCC no longer issues paper licenses but they are available on the FCC web site for you to print out on your own. This will be necessary for you to do before you can take the test. Below are the links and steps to follow to print out your current valid license.

To find and print your "current valid license."

1. Go to THIS LINK.

2. Search for your call sign in the .LICENSE SEARCH box at the top of the page.

3. Several other calls may be displayed along with yours. Click on YOUR call sign

4. Click on the ADMIN tab

5. Click on "Authorization -- Licensee" under AUTOMATED LETTERS AND AUTHORIZATIONS.

6. Click on the link at the top that says REFERENCE COPY.   Note: To obtain an OFFICIAL COPY of your license you must log into the FCC site using your FRN number and a password.

7. Your reference copy license will open in a PDF file for printing or saving or it may download as a file at the bottom of your browser. This reference copy is what you bring to the testing session.

The FCC no longer issues paper licenses when you pass.  When you fill out the form 605 at the test session there is a box for your email address.   If you fill that out legibly they will notify you by email and your license will be attached in PDF form.  You can also check for your license on the FCC website.  HERE is a short youtube video that shows you how to search using your name. 

For more information - Kelly, K7SU 208-731-8870  Email: kelly @ K7SU . com

 (These dates are subject to change...please check back often)

Proposed test dates for 2019 are Saturday on the following dates...

January 19
March 16
May 18
July 20
September 28
November 16

To take an online practice test CLICK HERE

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