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MVARC maintains an Email List with over 150 subscribers.  This Email List is used by members for discussion about daily amateur radio activities and club events.  It's a great way to stay informed of what's happening in the Magic Valley regarding amateur radio and club activities.  To be placed on the MVARC Email List, send your email address to "web @"                           

Dan Marler K7REX is Idaho SM Elect   12/8/2018

ARRL election polls for Idaho's ARRL Section Manager (SM) are now closed; Dan Marler, K7REX is now Idaho's ARRL Section Manager elect. Ed Stuckey, AI7H, will be stepping down after serving ten (10) years as Idaho's ARRL SM and passing the hat over to Dan April 1, 2019.



Idaho Section ARRL Introduces New Idaho ARRL Website  12/8/2018

It's a new look for the Idaho Section ARRL website.  The new site launched officially at midnight December 8, 2018.  The new site has many resources for Idaho hams that were not previously available including a forum page.  There are several forums that you can now participate in and new ones can be created on the fly.  The statewide repeater list has also been updated and there is an online form that you can fill out and send with corrections you may have to the current list.  There is a COMING EVENTS page where you can list upcoming events and activities for your local ham radio club.  This is also a work in progress so new features will be added along the way.  If you have ideas for features please email K7SU  The link for the new site is  Be sure to pass it along to others who may not know. 



Idaho SM Ed Stuckey Announces Two Team Changes and One New Appointment  12/5/2018

Idaho ARRL Section Manager Ed Stuckey AI7H, has announced two appointment changes and one new appointment to the Idaho ARRL team. 

Terry Fletcher, K7THF, has been appointed to the position of ARES Emergency Coordinator for Twin Falls County. Fletcher's ongoing work in organizing emergency communications in Twin Falls County is being formally recognized through this appointment as EC for Twin Falls County. 

Richard Dees W7BOI, has been appointed the Section Emergency Coordinator for the Idaho Section. Dees will oversee County Emergency Coordinators (EC's), District Emergency Coordinators (DEC's), and Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators (ASEC's) from around Idaho. 

Marty Edwards AK7ME, formerly Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), has been appointed Assistant Section Manager (ASM). Edwards will assist the Idaho Section Manager in duties from his eastern Idaho section.



MVARC to raffle off Yaesu FTM-100 radio

MVARC is now selling tickets to raffle a Yaesu FTM-100 radio.  The radio will be given to the winning ticket at the annual Christmas party in January.  Tickets are $1 each and are available to MVARC members only.  To purchase tickets contact Terry Nelson AD7P.   AD7P @ Safelink . net


Video link of first meeting/planning session for a new Idaho State Convention

 A meeting was held in Boise November 1st among representatives from various Idaho ham radio clubs.  The purpose of the meeting was to see if there is enough support to revive the Idaho State Convention.  The meeting was recorded and can be viewed in its entirety from THIS LINK.  After viewing the video please email any comments you may have to ARRL Asst. Section Manager Dan Marler.   dan . marler @ gmail . com

A New Idaho State Convention May Be in the Works

Idaho ARRL Asst. Section Manager Dan Marler told the members of the Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club Saturday that he is working to bring back the Idaho State Convention.  He said the convention was a great thing for Idaho hams and he would like to help the various clubs around the state work together to bring it back.  He said with several clubs working on it there is a better chance of long-term success.  He will be forming a work group soon with representatives of the various clubs around the state to start working toward that goal.  The meeting will be announced later but will probably be held in the Boise area.  The Idaho State Convention was started in 2009 by the Voice of Idaho ARC.  The last year it was held was 2017.

I have scheduled a Technician License Class for this fall.  If you have any
individuals (i.e. friends, family, acquaintances) who would like to take the class
and become an "Official" Ham Radio Operator, please advise them of the class.

Class sessions will be on four consecutive Thursday evenings -- October 25, November
1, November 8, and November 15.  Each class session will be two and a half hours
long -- from 7:30 to 9:00 in the evening.  The classes will be held at the Scout
Center on east Falls Avenue -- where the Club station is located.

There will also be two optional review sessions, for any students who needs/wants to
get more information on the license topics.  These sessions will be on Tuesday
evenings -- November 6 and November 13.

License testing will be on Saturday November 17.  This is the regularly scheduled
MVARC Testing date.

There will be a student fee for the class.  The fee will cover the License exam fee
($15) and the License manual ($22 or $27).  Total fee will be $37 or $42.  (The
difference in the price comes from my failure to decide which manual -- ARRL or
Gordon West -- I want to use!  I will make my decision next week, and will let you

If you have anyone interested in taking the class, please let me know.  Send me
their name and contact information (phone number and/or email address).  Send the
information to my personal email --

Steve  K7WKR

+   +   +


The web site that you need to look at for D-Star info is

 D-STAR repeater KF7VTM
RECEIVE freq. is 444.800 - TRANSMIT freq. 449.800


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