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MVARC maintains an Email List with over 150 subscribers.  This Email List is used by members for discussion about daily amateur radio activities and club events.  It's a great way to stay informed of what's happening in the Magic Valley regarding amateur radio and club activities.  To be placed on the MVARC Email List, send your email address to "web @"                           

MVARC Explorer Post 773


MVARC and JOTA on Saturday 10/17/20
MVARC will be participating in Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) this Saturday.  The event starts at 9 a.m. and will conclude at 2 p.m. Scouts will have the opportunity to earn their RADIO Merit Badge and also have the opportunity to talk to other scouts on the club station K7MVA.  Please stop by to help or lend moral support.  The club station is at 2988 Falls Ave. East in Twin Falls. 

MVARC Christmas Party Scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021
My how time flies.  The annual Christmas will be held at the Happy Landing Restaurant at the Twin Falls Airport on Saaturday, January 9. 2021.  A raffle will once again be held and tickets may be purchased online.  Our grand prizes will be:   Yaesu FT-891 transceiver AND a Yaesu FT-70D handheld Fusion radio.  We will have more information as the time nears.

Monitor 3.858 mhz. Day and Night
Some of us in the Magic Valley have started monitoring 3.858 SSB on 75 meters when we get a chance.  We are using it as an all-call type of fun frequency, similar to 2-meters.  It's an effort to get more involvement in HF.  Try calling out on the frequency.  You may just find someone to talk to and you will be surprised at the coverage you can get on 75 meters especially during the day.

ARRL Accepts Final Band Plan Changes July 2020
Here are the highlights to the proposed amateur radio band plan changes recently approved by the ARRL.

80 Meters:

  • Bottom of Phone band moved from 3.600 to 3.650-WB (Wideband) and ACDS (Automatic Controlled Digital Station) defined – 3.600-3.650
  • Technicians given 3.900 – 4.000 phone and image

40 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 7.100 – 7.125 (No more unwritten rule Novice CW segment!)
  • Technicians given 7.225 – 7.300 phone and image

30 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 10.135 – 10.150

20 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 14.105 – 14.150

18 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 18.105 – 18.110

15 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 21.150 – 21.200
  • Technicians given 21.275 – 21.350 phone and image
  • Novices given 21.025 – 21.200 RTTY/Data

12 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 24.925 – 24.930

10 Meters:

  • WB defined 28.120 – 28.190 (All classes)
  • WB/ACDS defined 29.200 – 29.300 (Extra, Advanced, General)

For more detailed information HERE is a link to a PDF of the entire plan.

Hands-Free Law Link to Print
The Hands-Free law now in effect in Idaho does now allow drivers to use a "mobile communication device" such as a cell/smart phone operating the vehicle.  This law does NOT apply to the operation of an amateur radio.  Many police agencies in the state may not be aware of the exemption for radio amateurs.  It is advisable to copy this law and highlight the amateur radio exemption then let the officer read the exemption in the event you are pulled over for allegedly violating this law.  Below is a link to a PDF that you can print and keep in your vehicle.  The exemption for radio amateurs begins on line 29 of the printout in describing what a "mobile communication device" is NOT.

MVARC June 2020 Meeting

Now that things are opening up again after the Covid-19 situation, MVARC held its first regular monthly meeting since March on June 13.  It was decided at the meeting that Field Day would take place at the club station at 2988 Falls Ave. East in Twin Falls on Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28th.  At this time plans are to operate with two stations.  Setup time is Friday evening at 6 p.m. when we will set up the trailer tower and inverted vees.  Please come help set up.  We will continue with setup Saturday morning the 27th and operations will begin at noon on Saturday.  Everyone is encouraged to help set up and stay and operate.  It is not known yet whether we will operate all night.  It depends on who shows up to operate.

There will be a work  party at the Hansen Butte (146.76) repeater on Saturday June 20 at 6 a.m.  If you need directions and would like to help please contact MVARC President Brent Adamson  brent@ 

New officers for 2020 include:
President:  Brent Adamson, K2SAW
Vice President: Ben Parker, KJ7GUI
Secretary: Alex Payne KF7LDR
Treasurer: Terry Nelson AD7P
Member at Large: Kelly Klaas K7SU

Idaho QSO Party 
MVARC would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2020 Idaho QSO party.  Everyone seemed to have fun and participation by Idaho hams seemed to be a lot higher this year.  We are looking forward to next year and also processing this year's logs.  If you still have questions about the event, click the link.
Idaho QSO Party Link


State of Idaho Digital Fusion Net.

The SIDFN currently meets each Thursday evening at 1845 hours MDT.  For information on how to join the system please GO HERE.

We currently have roll call and take FUSION questions and ham gear wanted or for sale.


Idaho Section ARRL Introduces New Idaho ARRL Website  12/8/2018

It's a new look for the Idaho Section ARRL website.  The new site launched officially at midnight December 8, 2018.  The new site has many resources for Idaho hams that were not previously available including a forum page.  There are several forums that you can now participate in and new ones can be created on the fly.  The statewide repeater list has also been updated and there is an online form that you can fill out and send with corrections you may have to the current list.  There is a COMING EVENTS page where you can list upcoming events and activities for your local ham radio club.  This is also a work in progress so new features will be added along the way.  If you have ideas for features please email K7SU  The link for the new site is  Be sure to pass it along to others who may not know. 




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