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Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club
- Christmas Party 2019 -
Held January 2020
All pictures courtesy of Doc AC7M


"Bil" K8MPW was our emcee for the party.  "Bil's" wit and wisdom is always a fun combination.  

Alex KF7LDR (left) and Terry AD7P were our expert ticket sales engineers.  Ticket sales were excellent this year and we actually made a few bucks!  

The crowd was great, the food was great, the service was outstanding!  We had everything we needed for a perfect party.  

Whether "wheelin' and dealin" or exchanging pleasantries, KV7N Kent (center-left) and N7SVI Bob were getting the problems solved!  

Another view of the crowd as they listen intently to the opening message from our illustrious leader and MVARC President, Jim Kennedy W7OUU.  We could provide names and call signs but you know who you are!  

MVARC President Jim Kennedy W7OUU says the club is doing great and we have a great future for 2020.  

Jeremy Brown KA7BIF, who prefers not to see the audience as he is speaking, provided the group with a great Silent Key Memorial Tribute video.  Thanks Jeremy!  

There are always deals being made at these gatherings.  Here MVARC President Jim Kennedy W7OUU, MVARC VP Brent Adamson K2SAW and Debbie Adamson KG7SIQ hold high-level discussions dealing with power-plays and world domination.

Mike Harshbarger, a local singer and entertainer, played his guitar and sang us songs while we ate our meals.  Thanks Mike!  

They bought LOTS of tickets for a chance to win some nice prizes, including a Yaesu FT-991a radio.  

The grand prize winner of the evening was MVARC President Jim Kennedy W7OUU.  Congratulations Jim!  

Lance Vander Meiden KB7SQS , Ham of the Year (HOTY) for 2019.  
Each year members of MVARC vote for the person they consider to be the Ham of the Year.  Criteria includes someone who goes above and beyond to support MVARC and help others in their quest.  Lance has helped MVARC start and expand the Digital Fusion System to include the southern half of the state and is always helping someone set up their Fusion repeater or program their Fusion radios.  Congratulations Lance and thanks for being a huge asset to  MVARC and local hams.

Alex Payne KF7LDR (left) is MVARC Secretary.  Every year Alex and his family help make the Christmas Party event a big success by providing the sound equipment, calling ticket numbers and delivering the prizes to the winners.  Thanks Alex and family!  

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